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Ancestral Lands Traditional Food Systems Sustainability and Revitalization Internship Posted Sep 12
Ancestral Lands , Acoma, NM
Job Description
Title: Ancestral Land Traditional Food Systems Revitalization and Sustainability Internship
Start/End Date: 33 Week program TBD when position is filled approximately October 2017- May 2017
Salary: $400/week, plus AmeriCorps Education Award
Reports to: Ancestral Lands Program Coordinator
Location or Site: Pueblo of Acoma or Pueblo of Zuni
Status: 900-hour AmeriCorps Service Term
Benefits: AmeriCorps Education Award $2907.50
*All Applicants must be Native American or be enrolled to a Native American Tribe*

The Ancestral Lands Traditional Food Systems Revitalization Internship aims to build capacity for the already well-established traditional agricultural revitalization infrastructure established by the Acoma Ancestral Lands program in Acoma Pueblo, NM and develop this model in our sister Ancestral Lands programs. The primary efforts of this position are researching and pursing opportunities to sustainably fund and expand our efforts through such programs like the Acoma Traditional Farm Corps Program and continuing to initiate other opportunities like this with our other Ancestral Lands home offices.
The Acoma Farm Corps is one of our flagship programs that exemplifies our full mission of “cultural well-being” and has been supported for multiple years through various grants and funding. Each year the program engages multiple interns and corps members with the focus being to teach hard skills such as traditional and modern farming techniques including dryland farming, irrigated farming, procurement of heirloom and culturally valued crops, seed saving; all culminating in food production and supply of crops to the community. We also incorporate the teaching of the valuable cultural perspective and philosophy aligned with indigenous farming. Each year, one-to-two farm crews composed of local youth manage over 2 acres of farmlands and a large 30x96 ft. hoop house, local food distribution, seed saving, and seed banking. This internship would directly support these efforts and seek to develop these efforts within other Ancestral Lands programs and communities.
This internship program is will also offer other benefits such as a significant development budget and a $2907.50 education award. The development of the selected candidate will be centered around grant writing and other relevant skills such as seed saving needed to support our agricultural based programing with Ancestral Lands. The intern will also have the availability to research and visit other programs in order to help and understand and develop sustainable funding for native community farm programs. Intern will also hold a valuable role in organizing an indigenous farmers gathering and seed exchange for local native communities of the southwest.

Required Skills
21 years old minimum
College background
Strong language and writing skills
Self motivated and self determined
Strong interest in indigenous food systems
Experience in native community based traditional agricultural practices
Valid drivers license and 3 years driving record free of traffic violations
Required Experience

Job Location
Position will be based out of either Acoma or Zuni Pueblo contingent to our applicant pool. , New Mexico, United States
Position Type

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