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Colorado Outward Bound School , Moab, UT
The COBS Assistant Instructor (AI) position is an entry level instructional role based in either the Southwest Program (SWP) of Utah or the Rocky Mountain Program (RMP) of Colorado.

The Assistant Instructor works under the direct supervision of the Lead Instructor or Course Director and is responsible for supervising, teaching and facilitating students in the field throughout the duration of our primarily wilderness-based courses. Assistant Instructors also support pre and post course needs through planning, packing and structuring the course, course debrief paperwork, safety analysis and gear cleaning.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

-Fully participates in course planning; including development of educational and technical curricula, route planning, food and equipment organization/packing.

-Assists Lead instructor in the delivery of Outward Bound mission, educational framework and required components.

-Supports the Lead Instructor in all aspects of course safety; identifying, assessing and managing environmental and social risk.

-Demonstrates the ability to behave as a role model for students, able to manage a range of student behaviors in a positive manner.

-May be required to manage a student group and all emergencies in Instructor’s absence.

-Is able to locate and use communication systems in the event of an emergency.

-Adheres to all local operating procedures, safety policies and emergency procedures outlined in the Field Staff Manual and Employee Handbook.

-Is able to provide clear, effective and timely communication with the Instructor, Course Director and other staff.

-Consistently strives to openly share and receive feedback with/from co-workers and supervisors.

-Ability to articulate and model Outward Bound mission, history and values.

-Commits to own professional growth as well as improving technical and interpersonal skills.

Knowledge & Skills

Technical Skills
Backpacking Skills (all programs)

-Carry 40 – 60 lb pack on and off trail

-Navigate with map and compass

-Assess and choose route options through 3rd class terrain

Rock Skills (RMP)

-Place protection and build multi-directional anchors using artificial and natural protection

-Lead climb placing protection approximately 5.6

-Belay and rappel

Mountaineering Skills (RMP)

-Carry 40-70lb pack on and off trail & though steep, rugged terrain

-Place protection and build multi-directional anchors using artificial and natural protection

-Lead climb placing protection approximately 5.6

-Assess and choose route option on 3rd and 4th class terrain

River Skills (SWP)

-500+ miles of Class 3 and above rivers as primary captain of vessel.

Education & Work Experience

-Experience and passion in working with and leading youth in either wilderness or educational settings preferred.

-Holds current certifications in WFR and CPR, other certifications vary by location (Swift Water Rescue, Food Safe, etc)

Physical Requirements

-Must be sufficiently fit to participate in all site and course activities and maintain ample energy, strength and focus to aid students and instructors

-On feet most days – sometimes for up to 16+ hours a day, or possibly more in the case of an emergency

-Ability to carry pack weights up to 70 lbs

-Ability to lift, crawl, bend, carry and pull. Work is done in confined spaces and at height. Environmental conditions can be harsh with both high and low temps and in all weather conditions.

Compensation & Benefits

-Receives per diem pay according to Field Staff payscale. Starting wage $73 per day.

-Optional Accident Policy available

-Eligible for Pro Deal


-Hiring is done on a rolling basis, starting in January annually. Positions will remain open until filled.

-Mandatory pre-employment training starts in Mid-May.

Location Details


-The Leadville and Utah basecamps are comprised of several buildings including larger office and warehouse structures that support the operations for the school. Instructors travel to remote, wilderness areas from our base camps to teach courses up to 30 days in length.


-When not on course, staff are assigned a spot in a staff cabin, dorm or shared room. Camping is also an option.


-Staff receive food while on course and meals are prepared during pre course planning days. When staff are in between courses, food is supplied depending upon basecamp.

Application Instructions

-Click "Apply for this Position"

-Upload your cover letter, resume, and relevant technical experience log to the following web page.

-Please include three telephone references within your resume.

-For a blank template of a technical experience log, click here: Technical Experience Log .

-Supplemental documents can be uploaded as appropriate.

-Qualified candidates will be contacted to set up an interview.

-Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

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