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Field Coordinator Posted Mar 30
Grand Staircase Escalante Partners , Escalante, UT

The Escalante River Watershed Partnership (ERWP) was established in 2009 to bring together federal and state agencies, conservation organizations, local communities and private citizens to restore the Escalante River Watershed to a more natural functioning state. The mission of ERWP is to:

Restore and maintain the natural ecological conditions of the Escalante River and its watershed and involve local communities in promoting and implementing sustainable land and water use practices.

ERWP is a coalition of interested parties working towards a shared goal and is not a formal 501(c)(3) in and of itself. There are approximately 25 agencies and organizations that have signed the Partnership Agreement as a commitment to achieve the stated mission.

Grand Staircase Escalante Partners became a signatory in 2011 and is one of the key nonprofit partners of ERWP. Grand Staircase Escalante Partners is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2004. It is managed by a Board of Directors and employs 12 full-time or part-time staff.

Grand Staircase Escalante Partners has been implementing the treatment of woody invasive trees (Russian olive and tamarisk) within the watershed on public and private lands since 2011 and 2015, respectively. Grand Staircase Escalante Partners’ main functions on this project include applying for grants to hire private contractors and conservation crews and funding most aspects of vegetation restoration including supplies, vehicles, horse packers and staff positions to oversee the initial removal, re-treatment and monitoring of woody invasive treatments while also assisting with other ERWP-related activities including education, outreach, and science.

This position description is for full-time seasonal Field Coordinator for the woody invasive control program on public lands, mainly work will be performed on lands managed by Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and US Forest Service within the Escalante Watershed in southern Utah. Due to the distinctive topography of the Escalante, the majority of the work for this position will take place in backcountry settings.

Major Tasks

The Field Coordinator position is a full-time seasonal position – from approximately March through Nov/Dec. This is a field position to complete work on the Escalante River Restoration Project, which focuses on non-native woody invasive removal, mainly Russian olive, along the Escalante River and its tributaries. The woody invasive restoration project also includes follow-up restoration efforts, such as treatment of re-growth, and monitoring past and future work sites while also taking an active role in managing conservation corps crews and volunteers in their work on this project throughout the season.

The Major Tasks include:

Conduct treatments of invasive plants on public lands, as directed, including new treatment, retreatment, and monitoring through the proper use and handling of herbicides, tools, chainsaws, and backcountry logistics. This may require carrying heavy packs over rough terrain for up to 10 miles one way to reach project sites.
Assist Public Lands Program Coordinator and Private Lands Program Coordinator with preparing reports and other documentation, as needed.
Work with Field Coordinators and Program Coordinators to complete work goals.
Manage conservation corps crews working on restoration, ensure quality of work, and have a lead role in the annual, joint conservation corps training.
Oversee and guide conservation corps crews in nonnative tree treatments, herbicide application, and techniques for safe backcountry living.
Help with and provide logistical support for the horsepacking operations.
Attend and actively participate in ERWP Full Partnership meetings and events.
Keep project equipment and supply storage sheds organized and clean while also ensuring supplies are stocked and available for use including ordering from the necessary suppliers.
Work with Field Coordinators and Program Coordinators to keep project database up-to-date and accurate and ensure mapping and data entry are complete.
Assist staff with logistical support for volunteer groups working on restoration to include training volunteers on herbicide use, plant identification, backcountry and frontcountry logistics, general overview of the project and lead organizations.
Responsible for managing proper use and storage of herbicides and EPA restricted use chemicals associated with exotic plant control in a safe and effective manner, including keeping application records up-to-date and assist with end of season reports
Ability to identify native trees and shrubs from non-native woody species and train conservation corps members and volunteers to also identify these species to avoid damaging non-target species while completing treatments using herbicides near waterways.
Have experience with backcountry hiking routes, logistics of identifying and setting up backcountry base camps, backcountry communication protocols, and backcountry emergency preparedness and response.
Make field observations of natural resource conditions. Work with Field Coordinators, Program Coordinators, and BLM and NPS staff to collect baseline data, monitor project, and maintain photo points established along the river and establish new photo points in new treatment areas, as needed.
Work with staff to conduct Rapid Monitoring plot assessments including native and nonnative plant assessments, photo point documentation, and evaluation of restoration goals as outlined in the ERWP Ten Year Action Plan and Woody Invasive Control & Restoration Plan.
Assist staff on various ERWP science projects, as they are available.
Communicate with other staff about difficulties and accomplishments.
Help foster a positive, open environment in the workplace including both office and backcountry settings.
Adhere to GSEP Vehicle Policies; drive a 4-wheel drive vehicle over rough and variable terrain, provide vehicle logs & monthly maintenance checks, service vehicles as needed, and respond to vehicle issues in timely manner.

Job Requirements

Technical working knowledge of the following:

Experience backpacking, hiking, and navigating in remote wilderness areas
Ability to lift over 50 lbs. and carry a heavy pack over rough terrain for up to 10 miles
Have Wilderness First Responder training or ability to obtain this certification
Have Utah State Herbicide Applicators License or ability to obtain this certification
Proficient with chainsaw safety, use, and maintenance; possess the ability to instruct these skills
Proficient in the use of computers with Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Available to work a flexible schedule, especially during the field season
Capability to drive a 4-wheel drive vehicle over rough terrain
Will need to be, or quickly become, familiar with all project locations, routes, and emergency evacuation routes in the backcountry of the Escalante Canyons
Map and compass reading skills, along with GPS knowledge are required
Will need to be, or quickly become, familiar with all project locations, routes, and emergency evacuation routes
Possess a valid state driver's license
Ability to live in a rural town (pop. 800) in Utah


The Field Coordinator needs to live within the Escalante River Watershed.

The position is employed by Grand Staircase Escalante Partners, the "Friends" organization that preserves and protects the vast landscape of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument for use and enjoyment of present and future generations. This position is a grant-based, fulltime, seasonal appointment. The employee will receive benefits outlined in GRAND STAIRCASE ESCALANTE PARTNERS's Employee and Operations Manual. Performance reviews will be held by the supervisor on a regular basis, with the first performance evaluation happening 3 months after start date.

The employee will work approximately 40 hours per week, with a varying schedule and with some field days being longer than other days. Often, the employee will be expected to camp out with crews, sometimes for 8 days at a time. This position is a field position, but some time will be allotted for office work, as needed. It’s expected that schedules will be coordinated to ensure work tasks are performed at the time of need so flexibility and time management are imperative to the success of this role.


The formal supervisor for this position is the Public Lands Program Coordinator. The Public Lands Program Coordinator, Private Lands Program Coordinator, and Executive Director are available to assist with administrative duties and the more complex or controversial operational aspects of the job. Frequent meetings shall be held between the supervisor and the employee to review project objectives and associated work regimes.


Anticipated Start Date: As soon as possible.
Email a cover letter, resume, and list of three professional references to