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Program Manager Posted Jun 19
The Diablo Trust , Flagstaff, AZ
Organization: The Diablo Trust

The Diablo Trust (DT) is a 501(c)(3) land management team created in 1993 to promote the social, biological, and economic sustainability of 426,000 acres of intermingled federal. state, and private lands southeast of Flagstaff, AZ, by engaging in a collaborative stewardship process that is in harmony with the natural environment and the broader community.

The phrase “Learning from the land and sharing our knowledge, so there will always be a West” captures our mission.

Job title: Program Manager

The Program Manager oversees the coordination and administration of the Diablo Trust’s ongoing program, including planning, organizing, implementing, staffing, leading, collaborating, and reporting on program activities. The Program Manager is also responsible for coordinating and executing fundraising campaigns, including grant-writing, membership drives, and personal asks throughout the year.

The Program Manager is the face of Diablo Trust. This will require you to be knowledgeable of our history and have a dedication to working towards our goals and those of our collaborators. In doing so, you will have the opportunity to build new relationships with a wide variety of community members, foster existing relationships, and continue to run the organization as a forum for active community participation in a collaborative land stewardship process. Because of the autonomy of this position, it offers a unique chance to become involved within the natural resource community as well as extend your involvement into other areas of interest. It is often expected for you to attend meetings and events of other organizations and agencies in and around northern Arizona.

This job description entails numerous skills and expertise in a variety of areas. While we do not expect that you have proficiency in all of them, we do wish that you enter this job with the motivation, desire, and ability to learn, gain on-the-job training, and foster a collaborative work atmosphere. This position reports to the President of Diablo Trust and works closely with its Board of Directors, Operations Team, and Committee members.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

The Program Manager performs a wide range of duties, including but not limited to:

Day-to-day functions in the DT office (50%)

Communicating timely with DT Board members, Operations Team members, volunteers, collaborators, and members of the public, through the office phone, email, USPS, and social media
Maintaining an organized office, files, long-term study records, photos, and educational and public relations materials
Maintaining plans, project lists, and accomplishment records
Representing DT at meetings and functions of agencies and organizations throughout, but not limited to, northern Arizona
Supervising and coordinating volunteers and interns
Maintaining financial accounts, including payroll, and paying all bills on time
Doing basic bookkeeping and balancing bank statements for all accounts
Sending all financial reports to the DT bookkeeper
Working with the DT CPA to file any necessary reports, pay taxes, etc. pertaining to our 501(c)(3) status
Preparing an annual budget and providing regular updates to the Board of Directors

Coordinating and facilitating meetings, projects, and events (20%)

Board of Directors meeting, Operations Team meetings, committees projects, special projects, meetings with agencies and collaborators, meetings and events with the public, and annual events including the Annual Meeting, the Annual Campout, Days on the Land, and the Christmas Party

Overseeing and coordinating the communications, public outreach, and development fundraising efforts (30%)

Maintaining up-to-date mailing contact lists of members and collaborators
Promoting events, meetings, and activities through email, social media, and media outlets
Producing newsletters (3 per year)
Keeping DT brochure current
Overseeing the financial stability of the organization, including annual fundraising process and development of fundraising tools.
Producing press releases
Developing and fostering relationships with other entities, groups, agencies, and individuals for the public outreach and/or fundraising purposes

Required Skills, Knowledge, and Attributes:

A genuine passion for land conservation and collaboration
Demonstrated experience planning and coordinating public events
A natural ability of connecting with people from a wide range of backgrounds and attitudes, on the phone, in correspondence, and in person
Strong analytical and organizational skills, including the ability to prioritize, manage multiple projects efficiently, and set and meet deadlines
Clear and accurate writing and editing skills
Patient and effective listening and speaking skills
Excellent capabilities in word processing and spreadsheet management, using a Mac OS and other third-part software programs
Attention to detail with high standards for both internal and external communications
A competent self-starter with a high level of initiative and creativity
The ability to work with limited supervision, with a collaborative team, and to remedy issues independently
Interest in keeping abreast of trends in nonprofit management, membership development, and media trends
Dependable, flexible, energetic, a sense of humor, and a positive attitude

Ideal Candidates:

Bachelor’s degree and relevant nonprofit and/or business experience
First-hand knowledge of agricultural or land-based business operations
Experience with graphic design
Experience in membership development, including fundraising and/or grant writing
Experience managing social media channels for a brand, especially on Facebook and Twitter


This is a full-time, 40 hour/week position, with flexible hours, starting at $38,000/year. Some expected work will occur on evenings and weekends to attend meetings by other organizations and agencies.


First 2 years: One week of paid vacation and one week of unpaid vacation

Years 3 and beyond: Two weeks of paid vacation and one week of unpaid vacation


Health insurance is not provided by DT and is the responsibility of the employee

Closing Date:

Applications will be accepted until 5:00PM (MST), Friday, July 13.


Please send a résumé, letter of intent, and contact information for three references: two professional (past/current employers) and one personal (no friends or family) as .pdf documents to with “Program Manager search” in the subject line. No phone calls or snail mail, please.