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Program Officer Posted Nov 28
Colorado Plateau Foundation , Flagstaff, AZ
Application Deadline: January 19th, 2018

The Colorado Plateau Foundation is a Native-led public foundation serving Native American communities on the Colorado Plateau. The mission of the Colorado Plateau Foundation is to connect philanthropic resources to on-the-ground initiatives by growing a sustainable supply of resources, providing programs that build organizational capacity and networking support, and grantmaking that enhances the work of Native-led organizations on the Plateau. We at Colorado Plateau Foundation also envision a philanthropic community that is committed to supporting Native-led organizations creating movements and momentum in their communities.

Specifically, the Colorado Plateau Foundation provides capacity building grants and focused programming to build skills and leadership that contribute to the long-term sustainability of organizations and tribal programs from the nine tribal nations on the Colorado Plateau. Our principal areas of focus include:
· Protection of water
· Protection of sacred places and/or endangered landscapes
· Preservation of languages
· Sustainable, community-based agriculture

The Program Officer’s key responsibilities will include the management and expansion of programming and grant-making strategies for maximum impact, including criteria, guidelines, and tactics for grant decision making and the evaluation of grant proposals, grant awards and post-grant activities. In addition, and because our goal is to remain lean, the Program Officer may be required to engage and lead various organizational development efforts as the Foundation grows and establishes new modes of operations.

The Program Officer is expected to build her/his own capacity as well as the institutional knowledge at CPF around issues relevant to the Native American communities of the Plateau. As this position grows, the Program Officer will help promote this knowledge to potential funders and partners. He/she is expected to keep abreast of issues and emerging strategies and be familiar with major players and potential partners in the Colorado Plateau region.
This work is done in concert with other staff members at CPF and, while the Program Officer will have substantial autonomy to execute responsibilities and strategy decisions as outlined above, she/he will work with other key staff. The Program Officer reports directly to the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer.

Description of Responsibilities:
· Research pertinent issues and opportunities related to Colorado Plateau tribal communities by making site visits, communicating with local experts and philanthropic colleagues, and analyzing information; developing and presenting analyses of research to CPF staff and committees.
· Develop surveys and questionnaires targeting other funders to better understand their experience in navigating grantmaking to Native communities.
· Monitor grants in progress and review interim and final grant reports that have completed their grant period to determine if they have achieved their grant outcomes, including visiting grantees at their locations on the Colorado Plateau and attending special events hosted by CPF grantees
· Help create programming and strategy to administer special purpose funds, which occasionally require writing guidelines, convening advisory committees, and marketing grant opportunities
· Prepare written and other necessary materials for board and advisors that summarize grantee and grantmaking issues and decisions for their consideration
· Compile research, interviews, and data to identify and demonstrate misunderstandings the philanthropic community has about giving in tribal communities
· Present at conferences and meetings as needed to elevate the presence and message of CPF and its grantees
· Assist in institutionalizing CPF programming, such as organizing Learning Community grantee events, funder trips, etc.
· Confer with prospective grantees and assist nonprofit organizations in their interactions with the Foundation in order to maximize their understanding of CPF and the grant-making process
· Work to ensure news of each yearly grant cycle spreads to communities on the Plateau and other partners who could elevate CPF grant presence, including but not limited to advertisements in newspapers and magazines, radio announcements, informing philanthropic partners, word of mouth etc.
· Represent CPF by attending Foundation, community, and grantee events as appropriate
· Maintain contact with regional organizations and keep informed on community issues and events
· Partner with CPF staff and consultants on tasks that concern the broad agenda of CPF’s work in order to ensure that decisions are made with diverse input to benefit a common good
· Work occasional nights and weekends to demonstrate support of the nonprofit sector
· Plan, implement, and manage a programming budget in coordination with the Director of Grants and Operations
· Participate in regular staff and other internal meetings
· Perform other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications:
· Commitment to the Foundation’s values
· Commitment to and deep understanding of Native American issues and concerns within the Colorado Plateau region.
· Outstanding written and oral communication skills
· Must be capable of high level thinking and willing to do tedious administrative tasks
· Must be exceptionally diplomatic, tactful, honest, and fair
· Must have a basic understanding of non profit finance, or the willingness to learn
· Highly-developed research skills and the ability to synthesize new information readily
· Ability to synthesize complex issues and concepts on behalf of the greater good of the community
· Ability to interact respectfully with people of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and cultures
· Keen conceptual, analytical, and critical thinking skills; an inquisitive nature
· Commitment to service and compassion
· Commitment to excellence; well-organized; self-motivated
· Ability to be a team player
· Ability to manage multiple tasks and timetables while maintaining focus
· Must be versatile and flexible
· A sense of humor is an absolute must
· Must be prepared to engage in public speaking events
· A bachelors degree is required
· Familiarity with technology, ability to learn and adopt new computer programs, and ability to effectively integrate that technology into daily work
· Personal commitment to and involvement with the Colorado Plateau Indigenous people
· Pontificators need not apply

Preferred Skills:
· Fluency or some fluency in a Colorado Plateau tribal language
· A masters degree or comparable experience
· Extensive experience working with tribal communities
· Experience working with Colorado Plateau communities
· Preferably based in Flagstaff, AZ, or within 200 miles, and must have access to reliable internet

The starting salary range is $40,000-50,000, depending on experience. Currently this position will be 40 hours/week contractual with the Arizona Community Foundation until the Colorado Plateau Foundation completes its 501c3 federal tax recognition in 2018. At this point the position will be renegotiated to include benefits. Until that time, The Colorado Plateau Foundation will provide the program officer an additional 30% of salary for the individual to pay for their own benefits such as: health insurance, dental insurance, retirement benefits and group disability insurance. The Colorado Plateau Foundation is committed to maintaining a majority of Native American Board and staff to lead the foundation’s work. In such, we highly encourage Native American applicants, especially from the Colorado Plateau region, to apply.

To apply, please email a letter of interest, a resume, and a sample demonstrating your writing skills by January 19th, 2018, to Heather Herold at:

Applications will be reviewed as they are received.